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We have been creating software for 17 years now. Custom software, online applications, mobile applications, corporate information systems, ERP systems. We are the authors of the modern comprehensive software for dentists and dental clinics. We use modern technologies and we cooperate with many professionals across disciplines. We understand clients and their needs, so we make out solutions that do not only fulfil their function but our clients also enjoy them.

The company's mission is to supply a high quality, innovative and secure software for clients according to their visions, which really makes the work easier. We want to find solutions even where it seems impossible.

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About Us

The story of our company began in 2001. Since then, we have completed dozens of large as well as smaller projects, ranging from the web presentations over the web applications and portals to the company information systems. An experienced team of analysts, programmers and our graphic designer follows the requests and wishes of our clients.

Just like a house from an architect, a custom-made software enables to provide clients exactly what they expect, but also offer a solution that simply impresses them.

Ing. Dušan Vrážel
Ing. Dušan Vrážel, MBA

A communication with clients is our priority. We speak the language of the client and understand his wishes, needs and problems. The key to a quality solution is the listening to the client and understanding his thinking and demands. We will design and make out the optimal tailor-made solution based on a high-quality client analysis.

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It is said about us

Ing. Radek Domanský

The company Software21 develops the key applications for our operations. I appreciate their quickness, a professional attitude and an effort to meet our above-standard requirements.

Bc. Ladislav Vaněček

The company Software21 develops and manages our internal information system. It understands our needs and implements all our requirements very quickly. We like that this company comes up with own ideas for an improvement and expansion.

Mudr. Vladimír Filipi, Ph.D.

We have been successfully collaborating with the company Software21 for several years. It helped us to create an information system exactly according to our requirements.

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